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Convict [22178]: William Harris – Origin

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Born: Notts, England

  • c1825 [Conviction record]1
  • c1826 [Millbank record]2
  • c1828 [Death record]3
  • c1829 [Gaol Record]4

Given that the name William Harris was a common name, and that William’s age varies over a four-year period depending on which record you look at, there is no way at present to determine William’s actual place and year of birth.

If you take William’s age as 21 when he was first convicted, this puts his birth year around c1825. As of yet, I have not found a birth or baptism record for that year but there are a number of records within a +- 2-year period spread out over Nottinghamshire for the birth and baptism of the name William Harris.

While William’s conduct record states his origin as ‘Notts’, I cannot determine whether the abbreviation ‘Notts’ refers to the City of Nottingham [Parish] or the entire Shire

Online research suggests that ‘Notts’ is the abbreviation for Nottinghamshire and unless further records are discovered that provide further detail on William’s origin, I can only be content with the fact he was born in Nottinghamshire, in c1825.

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