Harvey Stevenson Convicts

Convict [1481]: William Stevenson [1811-1876]

Relationship to Self: Direct Ancestor, 3rd Great Grandfather


Originally sentenced to death for his part in stealing a horse, William’s conviction was later commuted to transportation for life, a term he served 11 years before, given a conditional pardon in 1843.

Transported directly from England to Tasmania aboard the Elizabeth in 1831, William spent the first 9 years of his sentence moving between assigned masters and road gangs. He was chained, flogged, assigned to hard labour, and interred at Port Arthur before finally settling down in 1841.

In 1841 William married Ann Harvey, the daughter of Convict Mary Harvey at St. David’s in Hobart. He appears to have stayed out of trouble from this point on, as no further criminal infringements were recorded.

William and Ann lived the rest of their lives in Hobart and would raise 9 children together, one of whom was my 2nd Great Grandparent, Charles Edward Stevenson.

During his married life, William worked as a Pork Butcher in Hobart; his business would eventually be handed over to his eldest son William.

William died at his son William’s residence, New Town, in 1876 and was interred at the St. John’s, Cemetery, New Town, the headstones having since been removed to Cornelian bay.

Date of birth: Abt. 1811
Place of Birth: Staffordshire, England
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Date of Christening: Unknown
Place of Christening: Unknown
Date of Marriage: 01 Nov 1841
Place of Marriage: St. David’s, Hobart, Tasmania
Date of Death: 13 Jun 1876
Place of Death: New Town, Tasmania
Date of Burial: Abt. 1876
Place of Burial: St. John’s, New Town


Wife: Ann Harvey
Date of Birth: Abt. 1822-1825
Father: Unknown
Mother: Mary Harvey
Place of Birth: Norwich, England
Date of Christening: Unknown
Place of Christening: Unknown
Date of Death: 16 Sep 1896
Place of Death: New Town, Tasmania
Date of Burial: 18 Sep 1896
Place of Burial: Cornelian Bay Cemetery


1. Eliza Anne: 1843-*
Married: 16 Jul 1862, Charles Golding Eady, Hobart, Tasmania
2. William: 1846-*
Married: 05 Mar 1878, Mary Sarah Bailey, Hobart, Tasmania
Married: 12 Jan 1897, Frances Alice Webster [nee Stevenson], Hobart, Tasmania

3. Emily Jane: 1849-1852
4. Charles Edward*: 1852-1946
Married: 13 Jan 1874, Ellen Mary Kavanagh, Hobart, Tasmania
5. Alfred James: 1854-*
6. Alice Mary: 1857-1927
7. Frederick Henry: 1860-1861
8. Arthur Golding: 1863-*
Married: 23 Apr 1884, Laura Julia Wood, Hobart, Tasmania
9. Frances Amy: 1867-1966

*Direct Ancestor: 2nd Great Grandfather


1811: Birth

It is unclear when and where William was born as his birth records have not been found. It is possible that he was born in Staffordshire, England, around 1811, as he was living there with his brother William when convicted in 1831.

In 1832 his recorded age was 26 years; this places his birth year in 1806.
In 1841 he stated he was 29 when he married Ann Harvey, so now he was born in 1812.
In 1876 his death record stated his age as 65, making his birth year 1811.


10 Feb 1831: Conviction notice1

Henry Boor and William Stephenson severally pleaded guilty to the charge of stealing a dark bay gelding, on the 10 February last at Church Eaton, the property of Mr. Jeremiah Ginder. The prisoners were men who would not have been suspected of such a violation of the laws of their country, their appearance being rather respectable. Sentence was deferred, as their friends had not then arrived in Stafford to depose to character, which his Lordship said might have some influence with respect to their sentences.

Judgement of death recorded2

11 Mar 1831: Death sentence commuted to life3

William is convicted at the Newcastle under Lyne Assizes, his death sentence commuted to life

09 May 1831: William is received on the Justitia Hulk moored at Woolwich4

21-23 Sep 1831: William is transferred to the Elizabeth at Woolwich5

07 Oct 1831: The Elizabeth sails6

The Elizabeth left Sheerness and made its way to Mother Bank where it stayed for four days due to bad weather

14 Oct 1831: Newspaper Article7

Portsmouth, Oct 15

The Elizabeth, male convict ship, for Hobart Town, put in here with foul winds yesterday, with 230 convicts on board, under the superintendence of Dr. Martin, R.N.

18 Oct 1831: The Elizabeth’s second attempt to get under away8

On Tuesday the Elizabeth convict ship sailed for Van Diemen’s Land, with 220 convicts, under charge of Dr. Martin.

03 Dec 1831: The Elizabeth passed the Equator9

03 Jan 1832: The Elizabeth rounds Cape of Good Hope10

14 Jan 1832: The Elizabeth arrived at Hobart Town11

20 Jan 1832: The Elizabeth landed in Hobart Town, all prisoners in good health12


Police No.: 1481
Name: William Stevenson
Trade: Government Servant
Height: 5 6/4
Age: 26
Complexion: Fair
Head: Round
Hair: Light reddish/brown
Whiskers: Ditto
Visage: Oval
Forehead: Low [..]
Eyebrows: Light brown
Eyes: Light Grey
Mouth: Medium/Wide
Chin: Broad
Remarks: Several warts on the left hand

1832: Assignment Record14

No. 1481
Name: William Stevenson
Age: 26
Trade: Gentleman’s Servant
Assignment: G. Frankland Esq

1832: Muster15

Police No.: 1481
Name: William Stevenson
Ship: Elizabeth
Assigned to: G. Frankland Esq

1833: Muster16

Police No.: 1481
Name: William Stevenson
Ship: Elizabeth
Assignment: Public Work

12 Aug 1833: Charged with Stealing17

William Stevenson, was committed for further examination, charged with feloniously receiving several waistcoat pieces, part of an extensive robbery at Mr. Joynes, the Tailor, supposed to have concocted by his assigned servant.

19 Aug 1833: Conduct Record Entry18

Assignment: G. Frankland Esq

Report: Receiving one piece of figured silk, the property of Mr. R. Joynes, for trial, [..]

23 Aug 1833: Commited for Trial19

William Stevenson was committed for trial for feloniously receiving a silk waistcoat piece, part of a large property lately stolen from Mr. Joynes

14 Sep 1833: Hobart Town Quarter Sessions20

Quarter Sessions, Hobart Town, September 14, 1833

William Stephenson, convicted of receiving property, knowing it to be stolen, was sentenced to hard labour for 3 years. This man is supposed to be one of those concerned in the robbery of Mr. Joynes. Part of the stolen property being found in his possession.

19 Dec 1833: Punishment Record21

Stationed at Bridgewater
Offence: Disfiguring his irons
Punishment: 25 lashes

18 Mar 1834: Stationed at Bridgewater22

06 Jul 1835: Punishemt record23

Not performing a due proportion of work as a sawyer during the first week, to be worked in irons, 1 month, Port Arthur.

1835: Muster24

Police No.: 1481
Name: William Stevenson
Ship: Elizabeth
Assignment: Transported to Port Arthur

10 Dec 1836: Assigned to a road party25

10 Aug 1840: Ticket of Leave granted26

1841: Muster27

Police No.: 1481
Name: William Stevenson
Ship: Elizabeth
Assignment: Ticket of leave holder

28 Sep 1841: Permission sought to marry Ann Harvey28

Police No.:1481
Name: William Stevenson
Ship: Elizabeth
Name: Ann Harvey
Status: Free
Sent to Muster Master: 28 Sep 1841
Sent to Secretary: 5 Oct 1841
Decision: Approved

Ann was the daughter of Convict Mary Harvey, when Mary was transported in 1835, she was permitted to bring both her daughter Ann and son Henry with her.

01 Nov 1841: Marriage to Ann Harvey29

Marriages in the District of Hobart, 1841
Registration No.: 955
Marriage location:  St. David’s, Hobart Town
Groom: William Stevenson
Age: 29
Conjugal status: Batchelor
Status: Ticket of Leave holder, per Elizabeth
Bride: Ann Harvey
Age: 19
Conjugal Status: Spinster
Denomination: United Church of England and Ireland
Married by William Bedford (Senior Chaplain)
Witnesses: Mary Harvey, William Holdship

24 Jul 1843: Birth of Daughter30

Name: Eliza Anne
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: Hobart Town

Eliza married Charles Golding Eady on the 16th Jul 1862 and had the following children;

1. Charles Golding Eady [1864-]
2. Albert Charles Eady [1866-1890]
3. William George Eady [1869-1928]

20 Sep 1843: Conditional Pardon31

22 Jan 1846: Birth of Son32

Registration No.: 1515
Name: William
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: 8 Melville St, Hobart

William, 31, married Mary Sarah Bailey, 27, on the 05th Mar 1878 in Hobart. Mary died in 1896 at age 47.

William, 51, remarried Frances Alice Webster [nee Stevenson], 36, in Hobart on the 12 Jan 1897; both were widows.

There is no evidence to suggest that William and Frances were relatives; it may just be a coincidence that they share the same surname.

Note: In researching Thomas Fisher, the second husband of my 4th Great Grandmother Sarah Gillard, I came across his will that references William. I’m not sure how they came to know each other, but it is worth following up at a later date.

24 Jul 1849: Birth of Daughter33

Registration No.: 1711
Name: Emily
Father’s occupation: Pork butcher
Residence: Murray St, Hobart

24 Feb 1852: Birth of Son34

Registration No.: 1225
Name: Charles Edward
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: Murray St, Hobart

Charles Edward Stevenson married Ellen Mary Kavanagh in Hobart on the 13 Jan 1874 and had the following children;

1. Eliza Caroline Maybrook [1875-1954]
2. William Arthur [1877-1952]
3. James Michael [1878-]
4. Kathleen Alice [1883-1969]
5. Anne Genevieve [1886-1975]

04 Jul 1852: Death of Daughter35

Registration No.: 1527
Name: Emily
Age: 3yrs

17 Feb 1854: Birth of Son36

Registration No.: 635
Name: Alfred James
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: Liverpool St, Hobart

03 May 1857: Birth of Daughter37

Registration No.: 488
Name: Alice Mary
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: Elizabeth St, Hobart

Alice didn’t marry, she died a spinster and was buried as a pauper at Cornelian Bay in 1927 aged 69

07 Apr 1860: Birth of Son38

Registration No.: 3356
Name: Frederick Henry
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: Elizabeth St, Hobart

10 May 1861: Death of Son39

Registration No.: 2747
Name: Frederick
Age: 13mths

10 Sep 1863: Birth of Son40

Registration No.: 6389
Name: Arthur Golding
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: Elizabeth St, Hobart

Arthur Golding Stevenson married Laura Julia Wood in Hobart on the 23 Apr 1884 and had at least two children;

Edward Leslie [1888-]
Albert Langdon [1895-]

17 Jun 1867: Birth of Daughter41

Registration No.: 9389
Name: Frances Amy
Father’s occupation: Butcher
Residence: York St, Hobart

Frances didn’t marry, she died a spinster and was buried at Cornelian Bay in 1966 aged 99.

13 Jun 1876: Death42

Registration No.: 3147
Date of death:  13 Jun 1876
Where died: New Town
Where born: England
Age: 65
Profession: Butcher
Cause of death: Liver Disease, Jaundice
Informant: Thomas White, Undertaker, New Town
Date registered: 13 Jun 1876
Buried: St Johns*, Newtown, Tasmania

* No headstone exists, all internments were relocated to Cornelian Bay Cemetery, New Town, Tasmania

15 Jun 1876: Burial43

Registration No.: 1885
Reference: B0760
Name: William Stevenson
Abode: New Town
Burial Date: 15 Jun 1876
Age: 65
CT: G21 Cemetery: St. John’s Cemetery, New Town, Tasmania


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